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The Endurance Swimmer – ‘DM’

(Also a cave diver, freediver, someone who likes to ride up steep hills and generally challenge himself whenever the opportunity presents)!

First and foremost, as you may have guessed from the picture I’m a cave diving enthusiast who also dabbles in a bit of freediving and other adventure sports as they present. My interest in videography and writing has led to me being able to share my experiences with others and I’m hoping to continue with this extensively in the future, with many more ambitious projects in the pipeline.

I had a background in open water distance swimming and was the catalyst to me embracing most things of an aquatic nature. It probably didn’t hurt that I spent 8 years of my youth growing up next to the Red Sea. It may seem counter intuitive but cave diving seemed like a logical progression to me. I’ve always maintained that good swimmers are extremely well suited to becoming divers and much like distance swimming before it, cave diving became a very consuming hobby for a while. I also used to work in the recreational scuba diving industry following a 5 year military career before looking further afield. Suffice it to say I have travelled extensively. At the moment as we all know this isn’t as easy to do so we are focusing on travelling within Australia, particularly our state – South Australia.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to those who know me, if I happened to go off on some other obscure tangents in the future (yachting for example is something I’ve thought about recently) just to add a little spice so if that happens I’ll be sure to share those stories too. I like my life to being an adventure and I’d like to invite you to come on that journey with me…

‘The Wookie’ (or ‘SJ’ to the uninitiated)

(A traveller, photographer and ‘reluctant diver’)!

I’m what might be described as the reluctant diver but it’s growing on me slowly. When you spend your time with someone who is a diving enthusiast you had better get used to wearing a wetsuit too! Most recently I’ve been accompanying him on his endurance swimming challenges by paddling the support kayak so stay tuned for more news on that soon. I’ve also travelled a lot above the water and my camera is never far away. As such it didn’t take a huge stretch to realise that as I’m spending a lot of time in and around the water these days then I had better start getting the right gear for this medium too so I can get some nice shots. Armed with an underwater camera and applying my interest in photography to the aquatic environment, we’ll see where it takes me… Hopefully somewhere with good coffee!

‘The Coach’

(Recently retired career swimming coach and teacher but never too old to learn new skills)!

After over 40 years working as a competitive swimming coach and teacher. I’ve recently officially retired from my full time commitments. Having said that, it’s doubtful that coaches ever fully retire. It’s been more than a career, it’s been a life long passionĀ and as such I still enjoy presenting duringĀ coaching and teaching training programs. No doubt I’ll still occasionally assist with coaching on the pool side from time to time too.

Over the years I’ve worked in 4 countries, namely England, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Australia and have placed swimmers on the National teams in all of those places. I’ve also written swimming teaching curriculums in all of those countries. Now that I have time to reflect on my career and journey I may finally have time to write some articles on swimming coaching and teaching.