All of our content is non-political. It focuses instead on travelling and outdoor activities. Some of those activities are physically demanding challenges. We try to document them through our videos and pictures.

All of our videos can be found on our YouTube, Minds, Rumble and BitChute channels which are all called ‘Oz in Pictures’. On Minds we also upload pictures and short ‘blog’ like entries. Our articles get uploaded onto our website.

Feel free to check out our video channels and subscribe if you enjoy our content. Some examples of these include the following:

Physical Challenge Series. Whether it’s marathon swims (10 km or over) or cycling hill climb challenges, sometimes you have to push your physical limits.

Exploring underneath the water through Scuba Diving and Cave Diving

More Underwater Exploration and Physical Challenges through Freediving and Snorkelling

Exploring the Beauty of the Great Outdoors via Hiking and Walking Trails

Aerial videos shot from the air by drone